Brett’s Blog Take 5

This is my first post on my shiny new WordPress blog.

My personal blog has taken many forms over the years, starting with my own homegrown one to iWeb to Blogger and finally to Tumblr.

My biggest requirement for a blogging platform is that I want to begin a post on one device and finish it on another. That’s what drew me to Tumblr, which has a great app, but it really isn’t suited for medium-sized posts. For example, you have to choose between posting a photo and including a title for your post.

Which brings me to WordPress, which seems to be the best option that fits my requirements.

I’m under no delusion that many people will read this blog, but I enjoy posting my thoughts from time to time and occasionally they cannot be condensed into a tweet or Facebook post. Hopefully these thoughts will be useful to someone and maybe even spur some discussions.

That’s it for now, but my next thought is cooking.